Looking to start a career in Public Accounting? There is enormous potential for growth and advancement in your accounting career at CST Group. Team members are afforded the opportunity to work on both tax and audit assignments in a vast array of industries; something not offered in many larger firms.

Main Requirements

  • MS in Taxation, MPA or BS in Accounting
  • Must be eligible to sit for the CPA examination
  • Highly motivated to advance in their accounting career
  • Be flexible and adaptable to change as the firm grows
  • Exhibit a “team” mindset and be ready to contribute to the CST team

General Requirements 

  • Maintains a positive attitude towards co-workers and assignments
  • Maintains good professional appearance.
  • Acts in accordance with CST Group’s mission, vision and values
  • Follows regulations and professional ethics of AICPA and State Board of Accountancy
  • Begins to demonstrate good organizational skills
  • Identifies any unusual activity by clients or peers and reports to appropriate authority
  • Learns to meet deadlines and demonstrates extra effort when required
  • Maintains accurate time records and description of work performed for client billing
  • Begins to understand and follows firm policies and procedures
  • Receptive to constructive feedback and development opportunities
  • Reads material to improve technical knowledge
  • Manages time and tasks appropriately

Quantitative Measurements

Drive for Results

  • Production meets expectations for position. Manages time and tasks appropriately
  • Billing realization meets expectations for position
    • Develops an understanding of billable vs. non-billable time
  • Learns to maximize productive use of time
  • Respects others’ time by being punctual and planning ahead for meetings
  • Reviews own work
    • Produces work that contains few errors; takes steps to correct any errors
  • Follows work plans, schedules, and meets deadlines
  • Understands scope of work and communicates issues to manager

Qualitative Measurements

Communicate Effectively

  • Handles basic correspondence with supervision
  • Identifies problem areas and knows when to ask questions to clarify issues (i.e. you need to ask questions)
  • Remains calm when dealing with difficult situations or demanding clients
  • Assists and/or participates in team discussions and offers feedback
    • Demonstrates a team player approach
  • Listens carefully and elicits feedback
    • Asks for clarification

Professional Development

  • Maximize use of mentor relationship to identify and work towards development opportunities
  • Works to understand and meet supervisor’s expectations
  • Begins preparation or is active in obtaining CPA designation
  • Demonstrates willingness to help others on the team, whether asked or not
  • Actively seeks assignments, input and advice from mentor and/or staff
  • Consistently reports status of tasks and projects

Strategic Thinking

  • Uses available data and resources to analyze a problem effectively
  • Knows when to consult with manager on problems outside of sphere of knowledge
  • Offers more than one solution based on a review of all facts and can weigh differences
  • Begins to identify the impact of decisions on other issues

Exceed Client Expectations

  • Uses appropriate line of questioning to determine client issues
  • Begins to identify additional services that could be provided to client and communicates to appropriate supervisor
  • Develops an understanding of products and services offered by CST Group
  • Develops an understanding of the firm’s marketing strategies

Functional Expertise

  • Assists in identifying and handling technical issues and problems
  • Performs supervised research and reaches logical, well-supported technical conclusions
  • Acquires basic knowledge of financial accounting standards and basic income tax concepts
  • Develops basic understanding of the knowledge required by the CPA profession
    • Grasps new concepts
  • Communicates and gains an understanding of firm’s quality control standards
  • Uses firm software and basic accounting software applications with assistance from others

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