4 Important Industries That Business Advisory Professionals Can Assist

4 Important Industries That Business Advisory Professionals Can Assist

business advisoryBusiness consulting is an important factor for any company attempting to take their success to the next level. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and other financial advisors can offer their knowledge on organizational success including capital formation, wealth management, cash flow, and much more.

In the extremely competitive business sector that we are in today, companies must improve numerous aspects of their day-to-day and their big picture organizational functions.

Here are some of the most important industries and companies that professional business advisory consultants can assist:

    • Real estate agents — Advisory professionals can deliver exceptional financial and tax solutions to individuals and organizations across the real estate industry. By structuring tax efficient deals and advising during essential business decisions, working with financial professionals can keep a real estate firm on the ground and running.
    • Technology startups — When it comes to tech companies, research and development is one of the most important aspect of business. Financial advisors can assist with complicated R and D tax credits, which can amount up to 13.5 cents of credit for every qualified dollar. Tech startups of all kinds deal with a significant amount of capital, especially from donors. All of this money needs to be accounted for and financial professionals are here to help account for it.
    • Healthcare services — Healthcare business advisory professional will combine proactive guidance with an entire healthcare industry perspective in order to help steer companies through all kinds of compliance and financially-related issues within the field.
    • Nonprofit organizations — Though nonprofit organizations aren’t dealing with direct funding for profits, they certainly have financial records that need to be organized and kept track of. Accountants can help these organizations meet their fiduciary requirements of all the board members representing the organization in order to avoid and prevent potential risks.

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